Construction Project Management

At AmberStone Contractors, we understand that time is of the essence to the client. Our Construction Project Management service ensures that your project is on track for its on-time completion.

Our objective is to play a fundamental part in delivering you the grand vision of the project you imagined by taking an active role in areas of planning, administration construction, labor relations, budget management, time management, and many more.

Coordinating with architects, designer, and engineers, we provide consultation during and after the planning in pre-construction phase of you project, along with assistance during the construction phase of your project. Working closely with the clients to deliver custom solutions that meet the clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations, our team of skilled professionals bring with them a number of resources attained from decades of experience to prevent or solve construction and/or project related issues if they arise.

AmberStone takes an active “ownership” over every project it undertakes, always working on the owner’s behalf to ensure consistency in the construction process, proper budgeting, on-time completion of the project, and anything else that the client might need help overlooking.

Our Construction Project Management includes:

  • Project Leadership
  • Project Planning Strategy
  • Permit Applications
  • Labor Selection and Dealings
  • Budget Management
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Project Procedure and Technique
  • Construction Supervision
  • Quality Supervision
  • Site Administration
  • Resource Planning
  • Utility Coordination
  • Strategy Development


Regardless of the unique challenges that every project brings with it, AmberStone vows to deliver the finest quality of craftsmanship in all its products, creativity, and excellence in every detail. With our Construction Project Management service, we deliver an integrated design and construction process to leave you with a finished product that meets your design, quality, budget, and time requirements.

To consult with us for your Construction Project Management service, contact us at AmberStone Contractors today!


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