Custom Design

While new settlements and buildings are springing up in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area on a regular basis, the generic cookie-cutter residential home or the average glass skyscraper is not for everyone.

At AmberStone, we understand that each client brings with them a unique sense of style, and our skilled team of professionals work tirelessly to make a custom design to suit their needs. We use a design-and-build approach to ensure that you get the space of your dreams, with the finest level of quality within your budget.

Whether you need a modern or contemporary look for your space, or perhaps a blend of both with a bit of classicism, AmberStone Contractors can build a custom design for you!

We value customer satisfaction over everything else, and with our custom design service, we offer our clients high-quality customer service and excellence in every detail of our designs. A member of our team would be available at all times during the design and build procedure to ensure a client oriented approach.


When you choose AmberStone Contractors to design and build your custom project, we give you:

  • Professional Industry Expertise

Our design and build team brings with itself over 30 years of experience in the construction business, providing you with impeccable standards to suit your unique needs.

  • Efficiency

We plan and work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your custom built space is available to you in no time.

  • Unified Teamwork

At AMBERSTONE, our skilled professionals work closely with each other and the client to make their vision a reality, while providing them with the highest level of craftsmanship.

  • Comprehensive Results

We walk you through the whole design-and-build process of your project, from the initial site administration and planning, to the finishing touches, to give you a space that would make you exclaim, “Exactly what I wanted!”.

To start planning you custom design project, contact AmberStone Contractors today!



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