Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Whether at your home or your workplace, a fire is physically and emotionally devastating on multiple levels. But on top of everything, fire and the resultant smoke can cause a lot of damage to your property’s health.

Within hours of the fire, smoke odor from the fire can get trapped inside the building materials and personal belongings of all kinds. Soot from smoke also damages walls untouched by flames. Furthermore, ceramic and vinyl surfaces begin to yellow and metal fixtures endure permanent damage if not treated immediately.

In order to ensure minimal damage to your property after a fire, it is crucial that you call a fire and smoke damage restoration company as soon as possible. We at AmberStone understand that your homes and livelihoods are at stake and aim to promptly respond to your restoration needs.


AmberStone Contractors’ Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration service includes:

  • 24/7 onsite emergency services
  • Sterilizers and antimicrobials to evade mold
  • Sustainable methods for cleaning residue from fire
  • Timely damage assessment
  • Smoke odor extraction and sanitation
  • Securing damaged household goods and possessions for cleaning and purification
  • Reconstruction of affected spaces
  • Water extractors and dehumidifiers to extract water from fire extinguishing efforts


While it is impossible to predict a fire before it has occurred, or do much to extinguish it as it spreads, you can still save your property by promptly getting in touch with a fire and smoke damage restoration company. AmberStone Contractors can get on the site within an hour of your call, and assess the damage before giving you an affordable estimate. We charge you the lowest cost possible without harming the quality of construction, and work with you immediately to restore your property to its pre-damage glory.

Get in touch with us at AmberStone Contractors to find out more about our fire and smoke damage restoration service.